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Milan Cat Rescue

$ 19,970.38 per year

S. Sherron, founder

Westmoreland county in Pennsylvania has no more room for cats in any of the shelters. To avoid putting strays to sleep, we have started a rescue home where we can get strays fixed, healthy, clean, and socialized. Without us, they would die or be put down! We’re doing the work, but we need your help to care for 30+ kitties until they can find their forever homes.

Organic Egg Startup

$4500 Needed

Ewald Organic Family Farm

To empower us to provide our organic eggs to the local organic cooperative market, we need to guarantee minimum production. This means expansion. We need to purchase and install a strong weather-proof structure that will keep them cool in the hot Arkansas summers and warm in the snowy winters.  Your investment in us launches something great!

Our Kickstart Projects

We are a certified business incubator location, designed to help startups launch and stay successful. Unlike all of the other online campaigns through platforms, we do not take a portion of the funds raised. Their membership is enough for us to provide the kind of guidance and oversight to their launch. All of the donors who donate to these projects are giving our nonprofit’s work. These kickstart project recipients send us invoices based on established budgets we pre-approve together, and funds are released when they become available accordingly. If you’re interested, join at one of the organizational levels and access it through your member’s portal. 

Providing tools to design & build your life’s work

2017 Passport Intl Wine & Food Tasting​



International dishes hand-prepared by Désirée, board member and volunteer cook. International wines donated by Total Wines & More in Brea. Various display installations and conversation coaching starter activities were conducted. Display of our Nonprofit and its work was also a hit.

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