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Dr. Bjoraker was looking for a way to encapsulate all of his work and activities. It was so varied that branding himself and his work had proved difficult. Partnering with us, he was able to identify the essential threads & themes of his work, package it to best represent himself, and do what he loves to do. His impact has grown!


I was doing ok on my own, but I worked with A-Squared LAMP Groups & identified a better plan that monetized me more fully through Farm, Field, & Grocer-to-table branding. Thanks, Susan!" - Beth Neels, food blogger

Informal Group

Ajay B., class of 2017 athlete, was awarded a scholarship of $2100 in 2018 to represent SFHS in Australian games by the Class of 1987. "We have fun and wanted to help some young people in the process. A-Squared LAMP Groups enabled us to do it!" - Robert A., 1987 Reunion Cmte

Nonprofit Launch

Andrew's Umbrella (Lidy's Mobile Closet), Whittier, CA. "My dream of starting a nonprofit in honor of my dead son is realized! We work with the homeless & needy to make the invisible visible in our community. Successful community support & local award recognized us in our second year!" - Lidy C., click to website

Ministry Group

Click to view the nonprofit, Armenia-Turkey Peace Initiative. The incubated TAS project is now encompassed in ATPI's healing work among pastors & leaders from both nations.

Church Team

Christian ministry team, RIG, focused on the Russian and Slavic peoples and International Students had their projects for outreach and partnership taking place through multiple-church partnership levels now. The organization helping orphans, SOAR ministries, is working directly with those churches.

Providing tools to design & build your life’s work

2017 Passport Intl Wine & Food Tasting​



International dishes hand-prepared by Désirée, board member and volunteer cook. International wines donated by Total Wines & More in Brea. Various display installations and conversation coaching starter activities were conducted. Display of our Nonprofit and its work was also a hit.

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