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Pay-It-Forward scholarship recipients get coaching, training, and consulting services with no up-front costs and agree to subsequently donate or join as a member within a year after services end in order to “pay it forward” to the next recipient. Full or partial scholarships can also help alleviate their pay-it-forward amount, as funds are available.


  • 100% PIF recipients successfully have paid their portion forward to help someone else
  • 100% jobless PIF recipients obtained quality employment & multiple job offers in less than 25% of the average job hunt time using our services, even if they’d been unsuccessful for many months previous
  • 100% business & nonprofit startups were successfully launched with record approvals, compliance, & profitability in their first three years 


Scholarship Fund Budget: $4500

The average pay-it-forward amounts are between $300-$800 per person for 3 - 8 months of services, but are worth upwards of $1200-$2500 without this fund's assistance.

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2017 Passport Intl Wine & Food Tasting​



International dishes hand-prepared by Désirée, board member and volunteer cook. International wines donated by Total Wines & More in Brea. Various display installations and conversation coaching starter activities were conducted. Display of our Nonprofit and its work was also a hit.

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