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Provides a partially subsidized shared-cost access to professionals and small organizations who want to offer online courses, training, and workshops – internally or externally. Few solopreneurs or small organizations could afford this on their own, and your funding helps keep access affordable to the people who need it most. 


  • 80% our participating orgs have women leading them at the top
  • 60% our participating orgs are run by people in under-represented groups
  • 40% our participants are nonprofits serving other at-risk populations using this project
  • Use of this project gives access to 300+ intellectually or developmentally disabled people to learn life and work skills
  • Use of this project gives access to 50-75 unemployed or misemployed workers who need career and job hunt guidance
  • Use of this project gives dozens of small organizations in three states access to online learning through our participants

Project Cost: $8500

Platform pricing increases soon (we do not control), but you can help fully fund this highly impactful project. Thank you!

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2017 Passport Intl Wine & Food Tasting​



International dishes hand-prepared by Désirée, board member and volunteer cook. International wines donated by Total Wines & More in Brea. Various display installations and conversation coaching starter activities were conducted. Display of our Nonprofit and its work was also a hit.

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